SoundCloud releases a statement saying they won’t be going ANYWHERE!

If you missed the news like I did, the Internet went nuts when reports surfaced that SoundCloud only had enough funding to sustain until the start of the fourth quarter of 2017. But low and behold! our soon-to-be president, Chance The Rapper came to the rescue, vowing to work on the issue! Chance had a phone conversation with the CEO of SoundCloud, Alexander Ljung yesterday. The conversation must have gone extremely well because Alexander released a statement on their website confirming that the company won’t be shutting down anytime soon!  The company called the alleged reports “noise.” They confirmed that the service was not going away in “the foreseeable future,” and assured users that their music is safe. Whew! I am no artist; however, I work closely with artists and am a frequent SoundCloud user. I could only imagine how the removal of such a popular streaming site would affect the exposure of up and coming artists. SoundCloud does a great job at creating traffic to artists on every platform.

The streaming service ended their statement by firmly writing, “Soundcloud is here to stay.”

THANKS CHANCE THE RAPPER! You’ve done it again!

chance barry brecheisenap


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