Watch the live interview below!! (Produced by ME)

Jazzy McBee, radio personality at Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, sat down in an interview with the award-winning director, John Sington where they discussed his take on the All Eyes on Me biopic released this week. The film was directed by Benny Boom, which was his jab at his first motion picture film. John Singleton, who was a close friend to Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur developed the original idea of filming a biopic about Pac; however, wanted to dissect the movie to perfection before sharing it with the world. “They stole the rights from his mother,” declared the Academy Award nominated filmmaker. “They made the movie they wanted to make, and hopefully one day I’ll get a chance to tell that story.”

Singleton also admits that the All Eyez On Me crew stole the rights of the movie from Afeni Shakur, who passed away due to a heart attack in May 2016. Along with the truth of Tupac’s death, we’ll probably never fully know the veracity of the claims coming from both ends of the conflicting production teams.

Watch the interview below!!!


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