Russ Drops a Thorough LP, ‘There’s Really a Wolf’

It was the most perfect album for my flight across all of America (after I listened to Such is Life, of course) 

The 24-year old, rapper, producer and songwriter Russ, made a well-awaited debut with his latest LP, There’s Really a Wolf. Born in New Jersey; however, ending up in Georgia, Russ began committing to musical talent. He released 11 indie of projects and a ton of SoundCloud exclusives between 2011 to 2014, which landed him a deal with Columbia Records. Under his new record label, Russ received his first hit single, “What They Want,” peaking at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 and hitting platinum status. His follow-up single,  “Losin’ Control,” peaked at No. 63 on the Hot 100. According to XXL Magazine, Russ produced 19 out of 20 of the tracks off There Really is a Wolf. 

Russ throws heavy hitters within the first five tracks on songs such as, “I’m Here”, “Cherry Hill” and, especially, “Me You”. The album is definitely a well produced and thought-out album. Listen for yourself below!

THECARTER Rating: 8.5

RUSS-600x400.jpgFavorite Bars: 

“I’m Here.”“Singin’, rappin’, mixin’ masterin’, engineerin’ producin’/That’s every song with no exception, plus the catalog longer than a lot of veterans,”

“Act Now”“I put in work, I earned my stripes, I’m like the Yankees/I swear lately I been tryna wrap my head around this life/Used to sleep on couches, now it’s thousand for the night/I’m winnin’, you losin’, I know that it irks you/European flag shit, I got stars in my circle/Look at my life, look at my come up, look how far that I made it/Honestly, if you don’t feel inspired by it, you hatin’”

 “Don’t Lie”“Multiple women like a Saudi prince/Straight from Atlanta, Fulton County shit/Soft spot for hard-headed women with potential/The type of chicks who be fuckin’ me confidential/I cut ’em off for you, probably too early though/’Cause you be fuckin’ while textin’ me, don’t worry whoa”


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