Bryson Tiller “Suprise” Releases his Latest Album, ‘True to Self’


So Bryson Tiller pulled a Beyonce’ earlier this week, releasing his sophomore album, True to Self. The album was originally dated to be released, July 23rd; however, the Trap Soul Gods must’ve told him something different. The Trap Soul Gods also must have forgotten to tell Bryson to make sure his sophomore album is BETTER than his firs album. True to Self was as mediocre as a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s—and for those who are impressed with a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s—stop reading this blog. And while we’re on the topic of vanilla ice cream cones from McDonald’s–let’dissectct his album as though it is one. (see what I did there *pats self on back*)

As basic as a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s is, is comparable to Bryson’s featureless album. No whipped cream, no chocolate sauce, no nuts, almost melted into a milkshake.  This was acceptable when he dropped T R A P S O U L, in 2015 because it was a “shoot your shot” album for Bryson; however, the gag is, T R A P S O U L was a great album.

Next up on a basic vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s is the stale ass cone, which is a great analogy for the overall synopsis for True to Self. Stale. Dry. Boring. 

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not dissing Bryson Tiller as an artisit. I am just concerned that this premature album should have spent more time baking in the oven. This could also be the result of his new management or the lack thereof. His ex-manager, Steven J. Dorn, had filed a lawsuit against Bryson’s current mamangement for monies he claimed was owed to him after Dorn was fired in 2015 without any warning. This could quite possibly be the reason behind the huge upset behind True to Self-–who knows.

There are several songs on True to Self that have a good sound; however, the rest of the tracks sound like rejects from T R A P S O U L. I give it to Bryson for being the first to claim Trap Soul music; however, there are artists like Post Malone, Dej Lof, Tory Lanez, Eric Bellinger and Roy Wood$ who are taking the genre of music to anohter level. Which is exactly what I think we expected from young Bryson.



Self Made

Run Dry




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