Nas’ Baby Mom/ Jay Z’s Ex, Says She is the Reason behind the ‘Ether’ Beef with Jay Z!


Carmen Bryan, Nas’ baby mother and also the ex-girlfriend to Jay Z, spoke to VladTV about listening to Nas’ diss track response to Jay Z, “Ether,” the most historical rap battle between Nas and Jay Z, when it dropped on the radio. She explained that while they weren’t back together, she and Nas were getting together because they had a young daughter. She also reveals things about Jay Z, including the fact that she had a miscarriage from a previous relationship with Jay Z, while on “break” with Nas. Carmen also opened up about Jay Z’s diss track “Super Ugly,” which calls her out by name and also makes mention of her daughter with Nas. Apparently, she denies that the beef was initiated by Memphis Bleek who stated, “I started that drama so what you mean how I feel about it?” Memphis Bleek said when asked about how he felt about the beginning of the Jay Z/Nas beef. “I felt like I got my big homie in some shit. It’s going down out here in these New York streets.”

Check the video out below and you decide who’s to blame!


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