So, yes, I have been the world’s most terrible blogger. I also know I’ve probably lost and/or betrayed a lot of THECARTER fans by disappearing off the face of the earth during such a lit moment in hip hop history–I’ve been working my ass off and boo loving all at the same time. Obviously, since I have been non exisitent from the face of the earth, Drake dropped a fire playlist, Rick Ross has been dropping gems, freaking Gucci Mane wrote a damn book, Nicki Minaj dropped a WHACK response to Remy Ma, Nicki also dropped two other WHACK singles from her (unanticipated) album, Quavo has done ANOTHER feature without Migos and I completely missed the #ATLOrgy. Clearly, I have let the entire world pass me by. To my THECARTER fans, I truly, deeply apologize for not living up to my blogging standards and keeping you deprived of the urban knowledge you need to remain afloat while the common world proceeds to pull us down.

Keep up with THECARTER Blog! I promise I won’t let you down again.

To all inquiring/upcoming artists, if you have any projects, videos, singles or simply need promo please contact me at to be featured on THECARTER Blog.

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