So basically Drake pump faked everyone by alluding that his More Life playlist would be dropping March 4th, which, in fact, did not drop at all. This better be one-hell-of-a playlist, Drake! Us, fans are too loyal to be playing around with! There’s no official release date, but according to his producer, Noah “40” Shebib, they are finishing up on the release of the playlist. What got fans excited was when he posted a picture of a handwritten post of a letter written in Swedish, “Om du över sätter det här är det försent,” it read, which translates to, “If you’re reading/translating this, it’s too late.” Underneath the post, Drake signature “More Life” and the date “March 4th”. The post was later deleted. According to Drake’s iTunes bio, The Weeknd will be part of the new release, as well as producers Boi-1da, Nineteen85 and Maneesh Bidaye.


So I guess us Drake fans will be waiting on More Life, like the rest of the world waits on Nicki Minaj to respond to Remy’s diss…



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